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Thanks to our amazing musicians!


Miguel Sague


Miguel Jr and Miguel Sague III have set hundreds of Pittsburghers dancing to  original salsa, Merengue, and Cumbia creations written in both Spanish and English. Let's kick Cindystock off in dancing shoes!


Piper & Carson


Piper & Carson provide free and fiercely personal songwriting as if it’s been running in the woods, washing in cold water, and howling with wolves. They have joined us at Cindystock before and spread their wonderful energy to us all!


Jay Nash


Jay Nash finds resonance in melody, harmony, rhythm and poetry. Most recently part of the great duo - The Contenders. Because of the pandemic, Jay is able to join us virtually this year!


Dan Navarro


For over thirty years, Dan Navarro has written, sung, played and acted his way through a rich and varied career both with Eric Lowen and solo. Dan's been a long time friend and huge supporter of Cindystock.




Kyshona has always lent her powerful voice and music to those that feel they have been silenced or forgotten. She began her career as a music therapist, writing her first songs with her patients--the students and inmates under her care. She soon found the need to write independently and find her own voice, and endeavor which led her to the fertile ground of the Nashville creative community and songwriting culture. Since then, she has learned how to balance her music career with her passion to heal the hurting. We have been trying to get Kyshona to our stage for 3 years - so glad we can make it happen - even if it is virtual!

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